• access to Customer
  • inventory and measurement of area / interior
  • greenery design project: 3D visualization in color
  • plan view with dimensioning
  • selection of plant species
  • selection of finishing materials


  • access to Customer
  • greenery arrangement
  • author’s supervision
  • installation of wall-based plant panels
  • installation of irrigation system in plant panel


  • access to Customer
  • maintenance and cleaning of plant panel
  • maintenance of irrigation system
  • replacement and replanting of old plants

  • Designing


    gardens, terraces, green roofs

    vertical crops

  • Greenery arrangements

    interiors of houses, companies and institutions

    spa, hotels, shopping malls, exhibition stands

    conferences and special events

  • Service

    access to Customer

    author and executive supervision

With small arrangements, we offer a direct service with access. Larger arrangements include a comprehensive range of services: measurement, greenery arrangement and making of design, author’s supervision and service.


Making arrangements with plants and lighting of market and exhibition stands, during company and family events, festivals.


Making scenography and artistic interactive installations at festivals and cultural events, using elements of architecture, lighting, plants and programming.


Design and service company, led by MSc. landscape architect Katarzyna Hajduczenia deals with:

  • designing and arranging the interior design of apartments and offices of companies and institutions, sports centers, spas, hotels and shopping centers
  • creating wall-based natural green panels made of moss and plants for interior decoration
  • education and running workshops on urban gardening, plant cultivation, architectural modeling, landscape design, sculpture and floristics) in Warsaw, Tri-City, Łódź and Białystok – Poland
  • construction of land art installations in galleries and in open urban space; 2017’s expedition through the jungle to Palenque in Guatemala inspired the author to create a plant artistic installation during this year’s edition of the Light Move Festival in Łódź.


20 zł gross / m2 area
  • access to Customer
  • inventory and measurement
  • development of a conceptual design:
  • top view + 2 x 3D visualizations (views)
  • selection of building materials
  • selection of species and distribution of plantings
  • technical executive design (for larger investments, for an area of 500 m2)


price to determine
  • author’s supervision over the implementation of the project
  • service and cleaning of plant panels
  • irrigation system service
  • replacement or replenishment of plants
  • care treatments