• The green panel made of moss and stabilized plants does not require care, fertilization or irrigation, and you can not distinguish them from the living because they look perfect. It is enough that the air humidity in the room will remain at the level of 40-60%, which is a standard value in rooms where people regularly stay (there is water vapor in the exhaled air). They do not lose their color even in deep shade. Due to the ease of assembly and minimum requirements, such plant installations are often used not only in offices, but also in public utility premises, where references to nature are highlighted by the company’s advantages, for example in SPA salons, beauty salons and aesthetic clinics. They also perform excellently in restaurants or hotels. There are various color and material variants of the images, which gives the possibility to match the tone with, for example, company colors, to maintain the consistency of visual communication.


Plant and moss panels are made individually to order. The shape, size, material, frame color, species and type of moss and plants are chosen individually.


    • Plant panel frame can be:
      • wooden, painted or raw, patinated
      • plastic, plexiglass, laminated board, gloss or mat
      • on an individual order of colored resin, and even atypical precious metals, e.g. copper
    • Plants can be:
    • alive, planted in felt or ground pockets, requires watering, we also offer the installation of an automatic irrigation system
    • stabilized: subjected to the process of fixation in a special solution, thanks to which it retains freshness, color, juiciness and the form of real plants up to 2-5 years in appropriate conditions without substrate, fertilization, watering and care
    • artificial – it does not require any care, it is suitable for outside, balconies, large areas: for shopping centers, billboards and everywhere where difficult atmospheric and environmental conditions prevail, and we want to achieve a nice visual effect and is an economical version of green interior design and outside.